HRSS Ltd specialise in route engineering, installing and protecting HVDC transmission and interconnector cables from 200km to 1000+km. We also delight in all related subsea project-engineering and interface matters.


for STATNETT SF/ TENNET BV (2006-2008) CHALLENGE: to install the largest HVDC interconnector in the world to date (2016). HRSS/HRGS...


(PFS) HVDC LIGHT SYSTEM for BP NORGE (2008 – 2011) CHALLENGE: to install and protect an HVDC Light offshore cable,...

Here are our HVDC services in a little more detail:

Marine Product Installations (cable lay and protection):

  • HVDC cables, flowlines and umbilical routes
  • Subsea remediation work
  • Subsea foundation preparations
  • o Seabed dredging
  • Operations planning
  • Shore-end pull-in and pull-in to platform
  • Knowledge of cable-manufacturing process
  • Guard vessel activities and operations
  • Maintenance and emergency marine repairs for operations

Quaternary Geology and Marine Seismic-Acquisition Specialist

  • Data interpretation for geo-hazards
  • Route and site survey data acquisition and interpretation
  • Subsea route engineering
  • Subsea preparation and installation operations
  • Stability survey data acquisition, including slope stability investigations
  • Seabed mapping

ROLES undertaken on a consultation or advisory basis:
Project Engineer, Subsea Engineer, Lead Project Engineer, Approved Offshore Technical Representative, Project Manager (with interface responsibilities), Company Offshore Representative (routing and survey), Project Geologist

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